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About Us

Who are we?

Team ABC corporate insurers are one amongst the pioneer Insurers are offering a large range of insurance products per the precise needs of the clients. Established within the year 2017 and licensed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ( IRDA), National Institute of securities markets ( NSIM)& Association of mutual funds in India ( AMFI). Be it advising on the correct insurance product or identifying & managing the risks involved, ABC corporate insurers ensure the investments are done shrewdly as per the interests of our clients. We are committed to helping our customers achieve a healthy and financially secured future. This commitment requires a sustainable, long-term-oriented business that takes our customers, environment, and therefore, the communities where we are active, into consideration.

Insurance Plans Stiched To Your Preference.

Why We're Great >

All you would like clubbed in an exceedingly single plan! We even have DIY Plans.


To make sure our customers not only trust us but happily join us! Our mission is to be related to you for the long run To be the foremost knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional provider for corporate insurance.


Team ABC believes in operating an exceedingly transparent environment and providing the most employment to our candidates in several sectors. Our priority is to form our customers happy and gruntled with our cost-effective margins and products.

What We Offer?


A  24 x 7 x 365  customer service that never ditches. 

Team ABC offers all the foremost Life and Non-Life Insurance products of all the leading Insurance Companies that ABC has associated itself with, covering almost the complete spectrum of risks that a private or insurance, a tiny low local business or a serious corporate or multinational may face. We facilitate your compare various insurance plans and narrow down on your choice of the policy that most closely fits your needs. As a risk solutions provider, ABC provides easy and transparent risk management services in both life and non-life categories. Our role, in short, includes various activities right from risk profiling to handle the claims for the purchasers.

A Brief Background

Since 2017, ABC corporate insurers are focused on fulfilling its vision of making harmonious lives of our clients. Pursuing an identical goal, we offer a whole product suite, customized advice, and are constantly looking to boost the general customer experience. As corporate insurers company, our mission is to enhance the health, well-being, and peace of mind of our clients by making health care simple, affordable, and foreseeable.

In Wealth Management Since Past 3 Generations.

Bhageriya Wealth , Experts In Wealth Management, Now Ensuring Ventures All Over The World.

Our business philosophy is to coach, motivate and care our positive employees, candidates, clients,  and customers, so we all can grow and be secure together. We support growth and mutual success by providing full-fledged training to employees, right quality candidates to clients and versatile insurance packages to our customers. The cycle of happiness is the key to our success — Your happiness refer our employees and our employee's happiness pertain ABC!! We wish to be customer-centric and ensure ethically upright environment to urge effective employee engagement and satisfied customer clients.


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